What moves the 'carnaval' of Pernambuco?

The "papangu"... Photo: Breno Beltrão.

What moves the "carnaval" of Pernambuco? 

What kind of force is this that transforms stillness...

... into chaos of happiness?

What kind of force is this that takes us beyond?

 that transforms tranquility...


... into pride?

 'Maracatu' from 'Conxitas' group. Photo: Breno Beltrão.

Where does this force come from...

... that takes us up and down the hills...

... at the sounds of so many different melodies?

Does it come from the sun 
that warms us 365 days of the year?

Does it come from the giant "Us"?

Or does it come from the litlle "Us"?

 Does it come from our food?

 From our spices and tastes?

 From the green color of our beaches and our forests?

 Or maybe it might even come from the faith that guides us?


I myself really don't have an answer.

Maybe it's because it comes from one, two or even all of the above, 
the 'carnaval' of Pernambuco is pure passion.

It is not something you can buy.

It's a feeling that emerges from the people,
in which it is destined for...

 If you really want to know, there is no other option but

to join us!!!!!  :)

Translation by Alex Gonzaga

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